Teresa Corbett

Teresa Corbett
Teresa completed a degree in Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin and an MSc in Health Psychology at NUI, Galway. She is currently a PhD candidate in the Psychology & Health research cluster at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Teresa has previously worked on public health campaigns to promote healthy living. Her research is focused on the potential for psychological therapies to be used to help cancer survivors suffering with cancer-related fatigue. She is also part of a group working towards the development of the field Health Psychology in the Republic of Ireland.


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Telehealth did not improve quality of life, anxiety and depressive symptoms in patients with diabetes

A stethoscope on a keyboard

As pressure increases on an over-burdened healthcare system, focusing on self-care has potential. Advances in technology have improved many aspects of healthcare: now its uses may be harnessed to reduce utilisation of health services by those with long term conditions. “Telehealth” is an assistive technology that allows individuals to exchange information with their healthcare professional [read the full story…]