Review of the role of podiatrists in diabetes care highlights the need for further research

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Foot care is a cornerstone of diabetes care.  However, there is very little evidence about the impact of specialist foot care by podiatrists or chiropodists on the risk of amputation.  Current guidance recommends that podiatrists should be part of the multidisciplinary foot care team.  However, this recommendation is based on observational studies.  For this reason, [read the full story…]

Effective treatments for non-healing diabetic ulcers

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Non-healing leg ulcers are a major burden for people with diabetes and for the health service.  This evidence review by the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs focuses on treatments approved by the US Food and Drug Administration but contains important findings that could be applicable in any setting. Clinical question The review addresses the following [read the full story…]

NHS Evidence Update on Diabetic Foot Problems

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NHS Evidence is a service provided by NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.  As part of this service, they publish regular updates of recent evidence that fits under the main sections of NICE guidance. In March, NHS Evidence produced an Evidence Update on Diabetic Foot Problems.  This is the first Evidence Update [read the full story…]