Lack of evidence on whether cognitive behavioural therapy can improve glycaemic control

When we are looking to change our behaviour, we often turn to cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT.  It has been proven effective in a number of settings, such as the management of pain or treatment of depression or schizophrenia. Could CBT help people with diabetes to improve their health? Clinical question: In people with diabetes, [read the full story…]

More evidence needed on the cost-effectiveness of peer support in type 2 diabetes

Tug of war

A recently study looked at the cost-effectiveness of a peer support intervention in type 2 diabetes. Study question: In type 2 diabetes in primary care, are peer-support programmes cost effective? Quality of life outcomes were assessed in a randomised trial while long term costs were derived from analysis of the UKPDS model. The evidence: The [read the full story…]