NHS Atlas of Variation in Diabetes in England

The NHS Atlas of Variation series is intended to support local decision making to increase the value which a population receives from the resources spent on their healthcare.

The aim of the Diabetes Atlas is to identify and quantify the extent of ‘unwarranted’ variation that may be due to unjustified geographical differences in medical practice and/or patients not gaining access to the appropriate level of intervention for their need. The Atlas achieves this by mapping data about variations in care about data onto a regional map of England.


  • Usable and accessible background data on the prevalence and costs of diabetes.
  • A summary of the findings from the recent National Audit Office report into diabetes care.
  • Maps showing regional variations in care processes, treatment targets, prescribing, inpatient services and diabetic complications.
  • Recommendations for action to improve commissioning.
  • Case studies to support practice improvement.


The Atlas is available for free as a PDF download, printed copy and as an interactive online application.

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