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gestational diabetes

What can be done with gestational diabetes?

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About 5% of pregnant women face gestational diabetes mellitus, the development of which is associated with metabolic disorders under the influence of hormones. Diet for GSD — the basis on which to rely in the treatment of pathology before prescribing insulin and a prerequisite for the use of insulin therapy.

The reasons for the development of GD

Pregnancy is a physiological process during which there is a restructuring of the hormonal background in the body. The consequence of a hormonal surge is a reduced responsiveness of cells to insulin. Blood sugar levels are rising, but they are not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes. During the third trimester of pregnancy, a new surge of hormones occurs, as a result of which the pancreas may not be able to compensate for the hormonal effects of increasing sugar. These changes in the body of a pregnant woman lead to the development of a disease such as gestational diabetes mellitus.

What is the meaning of diet?

Reduced pancreatic function negatively affects the health and life of the mother and child. Increased sugar levels in pregnant women affect the growth of the mother’s fat layer, an increase in fetal weight, and the development of pathologies of the nervous system. The diet for gestational diabetes helps control glucose levels, thereby preventing the development of complications and preserving the health of the mother and child.

Recommended caloric content

Exercise in gestational diabetes the diet of the expectant mother you need to take fast carbs.

Since it is impossible to restrict the food of a pregnant woman (even because of diabetes), the emphasis is placed on reducing calories, limiting the intake of fat and” fast ” carbohydrates. For this purpose, patients are recommended diet 9 for diabetes or table 9. But foods permitted by such a diet can stimulate the growth of sugar, and the person feels hungry. For diabetic mothers, instead of diet # 9, a low-carbohydrate diet is recommended.

The number of calories per day should not exceed 3,000 kcal, but not less than 2,500 kcal. The daily percentage of organic substances in the diet of the expectant mother with diabetes is as follows:

Carbohydrates — 300/500 grams. Their number can not be limited, since carbohydrates are necessary for the growth of the fetus. But the usual products containing them should be replaced with sources enriched with fiber.
Protein — 120 grams. Their number is not reduced.
Fat — 50 grams-minimal use.

Your doctor should calculate your calorie intake correctly. Dietary nutrition should not lead to exhaustion, the task of proper nutrition is to limit excess weight gain and increase sugar. For more information, please refer to the book of endocrinologist N. Y. Arbatskaya “Gestational diabetes mellitus”.

Food regime

The list of dishes and the number of calories for each woman are selected individually, but all pregnant women with diabetes must follow the same principles of proper nutrition:

Exercise in gestational diabetophobia mum is better to eat fruits before lunch.

Fractional meal. There should be 5-6 sessions a day, with a break of 2.5 hours.
To regulate metabolic processes, it is important to monitor the water balance. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.
Meals consisting of protein and carbohydrates should be eaten separately, so as not to create additional work of the pancreas. It is better to transfer protein intake to the afternoon.
Fruit should be consumed in the first half of the day.
Long intervals between meals (more than 10 hours), even including the night, are strictly prohibited. A light late dinner is required.
You will have to forget about sugar, and the doctor will tell you how best to replace it.
Gestational diabetes reduces metabolic processes, so, in addition to adjusting food, you need to monitor physical activity: daily walks, a set of special exercises.
Once a week, you can arrange a fasting day: milk — kefir, meat-vegetable.

Foods that can be eaten for gestational diabetes

Since it is not recommended to combine carbohydrates and proteins, the diet for diabetes during pregnancy begins with the division of products into 2 groups:

Exercise in gestational diabetesremedy you can eat all types of berries.

The following sources of carbohydrate belong to the 1st category:
all cereals except semolina and rice;
fruits: especially apples, pears, citrus and peaches;
vegetables other than potatoes;
you can eat any berries, but before lunch;
bread made from whole grain.
The 2nd category includes protein sources:
meat (lean);
fish (low-fat);
milk and dairy products with a minimum amount of milk fat;
peas and beans;

The diet must include permitted sources of polyunsaturated oil, which helps the absorption of nutrients:


What can’t be eaten?

List of dishes and foods that are excluded from the menu for gestational diabetes:

Exercise during gestational diabetes diet is necessary to exclude marinated and pickled workpiece.

pastry, puff pastry, shortbread flour products;
porridge made from semolina and rice;
salted and pickled vegetables;
grilled meat and vegetables;
fruit and jam:
fat meat, fish, and broth.

It is forbidden to include honey, sweets, fruit juice, carbonated drinks in the menu.

How do I create the right menu?

In the first weeks of dietary nutrition, a woman may have a desire to consume carbohydrates and starch, but this craving must be compensated for by a properly selected menu. The sample menu for GSD is shown in the table:
Menu for the day

Meal times

Recommended dishes
Breakfast (8.00—8.30) Buckwheat (oatmeal) porridge on water
Green tea
Second Breakfast (10.00—10.30) Baked Apple
Diet cookies
Lunch (12.00—12.30) Soup with grits on chicken broth
Vegetable salad
Boiled Turkey
Piece of bread;
Afternoon tea (14.30) low-Fat cottage cheese with nuts
Tea with milk
Dinner (17.00—17.30) Baked fish with green peas
Piece of bread
Vegetable juice
Before going to bed (19.00—19.30) Kefir
Galette cookies

Diet recipes

Here is an example of several recipes that can be prepared to feed the expectant mother with gestational diabetes:

Exercise in gestational diabetophobia mother will be useful to steam cutlets of fish..

Steamed fish cutlets. Ingredients: hake fillet, dried bread, milk and butter.
Cooking process: milk-soaked crackers together with fish fillets scroll through the meat grinder. Pour in the melted butter and knead the ingredients. We form cutlets and, using a steamer, prepare them.

Carrot casserole with cottage cheese. Ingredients: carrots, low-fat cottage cheese, rye breadcrumbs, egg, breadcrumbs, vegetable oil.
Cooking process: boil the carrots and grate them. To it add the breadcrumbs soaked in milk, egg. Salt to taste and fill the mold with the mixture, previously sprinkling it with breadcrumbs. Bake at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Gestational diabetes mellitus during pregnancy forces you to monitor your diet and use the right recipes. Despite the fact that the food is necessarily dietary for GD, women do not have to starve, because they are responsible not only for themselves, but also for the life of the future baby. By adhering to all the recommendations, the mother will preserve the health of herself and the child.

Gestational diabetes mellitus during pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is one of the most difficult and at the same time happy times for a girl. All these nine months, she is responsible not only for her health, but also for the life of the small organism that develops under the heart of the future mother. Unfortunately, the body is very often subject to various diseases, and one of the types of these diseases is gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

The concept of gestational diabetes
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gestational diabetes mellitus
The concept of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes mellitus mainly develops in pregnant girls. The reason for the appearance of such a disease is a decrease in the amount of this hormone insulin, or its immunity by the body’s cells.

At the same time, a woman’s diabetes can be either pre-pregnancy or acquired – against the background of insulin suppression by hormones that are produced by the placenta.

According to scientists ‘ statistics, gestational diabetes is diagnosed in 5 percent of cases, which is on average 150-200 cases more than fertilization of a diabetic patient.

When planning a pregnancy, you should pay attention to some factors that can later lead to gestational diabetes, and consult your doctor. Because the development of the disease in the first trimester of pregnancy can lead to miscarriages and fetal pathologies.

Therefore consult your doctor if:

You have a lot of weight which started to increase after the age of majority;
Late pregnancy (after 30 years);
There are relatives with a tendency, or suffering from diabetes;
The age of the child’s father is over 45 years old;
Previous pregnancies were diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus;
There were gratuitous miscarriages, or stillborn children;
Amniotic fluid is too much;
Developmental problems in previous children;
Before this pregnancy, children were born with an increased body weight, large shoulders.

Types of diabetes mellitus

To understand the criteria of gestational diabetes, its symptoms and features, it is necessary to analyze the causes of diabetes as such.


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