High dose atorvastatin did not cause diabetes in low risk patients with existing cardiovascular disease

High dose atorvastatin did not cause diabetes in low risk patients with existing cardiovascular disease

Statins are one of the most” noisy ” medicines of our time. Their significance for the body and their impact on health is a reason for ongoing discussions. Periodically, there are studies that confirm or deny both the benefits and harms of drugs. One of the most recent papers is devoted to the relationship of statins with the risk of developing diabetes.

A reader of MS d, commenting on one of the articles of the channel ” Good health!”, drew attention to the annotations of statins. In many of them, he reports, there is a direct warning that the drug can cause diabetes in patients.

Position of the American heart Association

The reader’s concerns run counter to the official position of the American heart Association. It was presented by Dave Dixon, doctor of pharmacy and Deputy Director of the school of pharmacy At the University of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“For the vast majority, statins are safe. They should be recommended for high-risk patients, especially those with diagnosed cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.”

Results of the Dutch study

The pharmacist’s reassuring statement belies a recent study by Dutch scientists. They claim that statins can cause type 2 diabetes.

The researchers analyzed the indicators of more than 9,5 thousand people in the period 1997-2012. In 1997, when the study was just beginning, they were all at least 45 years old. The average age of participants was 64.3 years. None of them had ever had diabetes before.

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Scientists ‘ conclusion-statins increase the risk of hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) and insulin resistance (low insulin sensitivity). These two metabolic disorders can eventually lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.

Taking statins is particularly risky for patients who already have disorders in the self-regulation of blood glucose or are overweight. Researchers note that strict control of sugar levels and body weight helps minimize the risk.

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Results of the American study

The effect of “anticholesterol tablets” on metabolism is not studied for the first time. In 2004, American scientists reported that ” the protective effects of statins have virtually no effect on the development of type 2 diabetes.” This conclusion was made by the Americans after analyzing the database of British General practitioners.

The conclusion looks somewhat strange. The study’s risk ratio for metabolic disorders for those who take and do not take statins is 1.1. In other words, the risk of diabetes still increases by 10% if we talk about statins at all. At the same time, the risk remains stable when treated with simvastatin and decreases by 30% when using pravastatin.

Results of the Malaysian study

In 2012, researchers from Malaysia analyzed a database of Irish pharmacies. They claim that patients taking statins put themselves at increased risk of developing diabetes. The probability of getting diabetes increases by 15-41% depending on the type of statins taken.

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