How to lose weight with type 2 diabetes?

How to lose weight with type 2 diabetes?

Everyone knows that diabetes and excess weight are interrelated phenomena. Therefore, it often seems that you will not be able to lose weight with diabetes. But this is not the case, say nutritionists.

Of course, losing weight with diabetes is somewhat more difficult than without it. “It’s all about the hormone insulin,” says Gina Jalowic, a dietitian, Deputy chief physician of the weight Factor clinic. — Normally, it lowers blood glucose levels, helping it move to the cells. However, in diabetes, this mechanism breaks down, and at the initial stages of the disease, a situation occurs when the level of both glucose in the blood and insulin is high. This condition is called insulin resistance. In addition, insulin increases the synthesis of fats and proteins and suppresses the activity of enzymes that break down fat, which contributes to fat accumulation.”

At the same time, losing weight in type 2 diabetes is even more important, as it is one of the leading ways to restore cell sensitivity to insulin and reduce high blood glucose. This means that the disease begins to recede. “In my practice, there was a patient who was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes due to being overweight. He lost weight to normal weight, which was 17 kg, and his blood glucose normalized from 14 mmol / l to 4 mmol / l,” says Gina Jalowic. (see the material: “Diet for type 2 diabetes»)

So, weight loss in diabetes is real, very useful and has some features. What do  you need to remember if you lose weight with diabetes?

That this should be done under the supervision of the attending physician. Standard and even more starvation diets for diabetics are prohibited. “They work worse the body’s defense system, — explains Susanna Barker, nutritionist, chief medical officer of the Center personalized nutrition “Palette power”. — Blood sugar levels may collapse due to hunger. With high insulin, this is fraught with fainting and even coma.”How to lose weight with type 2 diabetes?

In addition, as you lose weight, the condition of the diabetic will improve. And if he takes any medications, their dosage will probably have to be adjusted.

Fast weight loss may not be, because, as we remember, insulin contributes to the accumulation of fat. Although this rule is not ironclad. Nutritionists will definitely remember among their clients those who lost weight with type 2 diabetes by 1 kg per week, and it is due to adipose tissue. And this is the best possible result for a person without any health problems.

Physical activity is necessary. Usually, nutritionists do not insist that their clients engage in fitness. “But patients with diabetes are a special case,” says Susanna Barker. – They need physical activity constantly, because they normalize the level of glucose in the blood and insulin.

Most of us prefer to do fitness “rarely, but accurately”: a couple of times a week, but intensively, an hour and a half. To lose weight with type 2 diabetes, you need a different scheme. “Physical activity should be gentle, but daily,” says Gina Jalowic. – Optimal — buy a pedometer and focus on the number of steps taken. On a normal day, there should be 6000 of them. In training — 10,000, and it should already be an energetic walk.” It is not difficult to get this number: to make 6000 steps, it is enough to walk for 1 hour at a fast pace (5-6 km / h), pass a couple of bus stops.

Attention to carbohydrates. When reducing weight, they usually focus only on calories or — in the case of the food pyramid-portions. If you lose weight with type 2 diabetes, you also need to monitor your carbohydrate intake.

It is impossible to completely abandon them, but it is desirable to avoid sharp frequent jumps in blood sugar levels. Therefore, first of all, you need to focus on products with a low glycemic index. And secondly, try not to bite between meals, because every snack is a meeting with insulin. But in the evening, you can afford a portion of carbohydrates. In consultation with the doctor. And if your condition leaves no choice, because, as a rule, being on a diet, with fruit, cereals, bread, we “tie” no later than high tea.How to lose weight with type 2 diabetes?

It is very important to observe the drinking regime. “LIVE!” constantly reminds you how important it is to provide the body with enough water. Especially during the period of weight loss, because it participates in all metabolic processes and removes waste, which during the period of weight loss is formed more than usual.

“This is especially important for diabetic patients,” says Gina Jalowic. “Their cells are in a state of dehydration. An adult should drink 30-40 ml of liquid per 1 kg of body weight per day. And 70-80% of it should come with clean water without gas. Diuretics like coffee should be avoided. By the way, it is good to replace it with chicory: it normalizes metabolic processes and blood sugar levels.”

You need to drink vitamins.

“I recommend taking chromium and zinc for my clients who are losing weight with diabetes,” says Gina Jalowic. “Chromium restores the sensitivity of cells to insulin and helps reduce blood sugar, while zinc increases immunity, which is often reduced in this disease, and improves the production of insulin by the pancreas.”

We need to consult a psychologist. Type 2 diabetes usually develops in adults. And it is difficult for them to accept the fact that their lifestyle needs to change due to this disease. “But if a person is aware of this and rebuilds, losing weight is not a problem for them, says Gina Jalowic. — I say this from the experience of my clients. In the end, a diabetic has exactly the same chance of being slim as anyone else.”

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