Metformin may reduce the risk of cancer but more research is needed

The drug, which is used to treat diabetes, can provoke the development of cancer, – reports the Polish publication Dziennik Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. We are talking about Metformin, which, as stated in the publication, may contain a toxic chemical compound – it provokes the development of cancer.

The facts of” contamination ” of the drug were indicated by two sources – in Asia and Germany, and independently of each other. They reported that the drug uses the toxic chemical N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). This substance has a carcinogenic effect, having a negative effect on the liver. By the way, it is administered to experimental rats to accelerate the development of cancer.
After the high-profile publication, consultations were held in Warsaw with representatives of all interested organizations. At their end, Polish health Minister Lukasz Szumowski said: the drug is not yet being recalled from the market.

“We should not be talking about contamination at this time, but about identifying a substance that is probably a byproduct of synthesis,” Shumovsky said. – This gives us an alarming signal, but at the same time gives us the right to say that, despite the fact that this substance was constantly in the drug, the effects on patients during treatment were positive.”

The Minister noted: today, ” neither European nor Polish institutions have data that this medicine should be removed from the market, stop selling it or recommend patients to take it.” Shumovsky is convinced that stopping taking the drug “may have more negative consequences than continuing to use it”” In Poland, according to the publication, the drug is taken by about 2 million people, and around the world – 120 million.

Metformin and its analogues are oral hypoglycemic drugs. They do not stimulate insulin secretion and do not have a hypoglycemic effect in healthy people. Also, medications are recommended for recovery from stroke and are used as a means for weight loss and rejuvenation.

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