Review finds little evidence of benefit for insulin analogs over NPH insulin

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A systematic review comparing insulin analogues (glargine and detemir) with NPH insulin was published at the end of 2011.

Clinical question:

In type 1 diabetes, are insulin analogues better than NPH insulin?

It is not clear what outcomes were specified in advance of the study.

The evidence:

The reviewers found 8 randomised trials comparing glargine with NPH insulin, 9 comparing detemir with NPH and two directly comparing glargine with detemir.

When they pooled the data from these studies, the found no clinically or statistically significant differences in HbA1c for any of the comparisons.

Appraisal hints:

  • It is not clear which databases they searched.
  • Nor is it clear what the methodological quality of the studies was.
  • It is not clear what adverse events were looked at.
  • Further, longer term research is needed.


Sanches AC, Correr CJ, Venson R, Pontarolo R.  Revisiting the efficacy of long-acting insulin analogues on adults with type 1 diabetes using mixed-treatment comparisons. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2011 Dec;94(3):333-9. Epub 2011 Oct 11.

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