Repost from The Mental Elf: Depression increases risk of all cause mortality in diabetes

Depression increases risk

Today the Mental Elf reports on a systematic review and meta-analysis looking at whether depression in people with diabetes is associated withan increased risk of mortality.

The reviewers combined the results of sixteen longitudinal studies comprising 109,046 individuals with diabetes.  They found a statistically significant increase in the risk of mortality amongst people with depression compared with those without (Hazard Ratio 1.46, 95% CI 1.29–1.66)

The results need to be interpreted with some caution.  Although the reviewers did adjust their analysis to take into account additional risk from pre-existing cardiovascular disease, it is possible that depression was caused by severity of diabetes or cardiovascular complications.  Further prospective research is warranted to explore further the causal relationships between these factors.

However, it is clear that depression should be considered a significant part of diabetes care.


Visit The Mental Elf to read Kirsten Lawson’s full assessment of this important research.

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