Mellitox Reviews: A Supplement to Defeat Type 2 Diabetes?

Mellitox Review A Supplement to Defeat Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a horrible disease that affects life quality, triggers dangerous complications, and potentially threatens your life. If you or some of your dear people have it, you know enough about its symptoms. They include blurred vision, fatigue, numbness and pains in hands and feet, frequent urination, thirstiness and dry mouth, and weakened immunity. Also, people suffering from this condition often gain or lose weight abnormally. To avoid the most serious complications, like diabetic coma, they have to take insulin injections and keep an eye on their diet and lifestyle. Diabetes is known to be an irreversible health condition. Is it true? Mellitox producer says: false. Here you may learn everything about this supplement, its effects and ingredients.

Where does diabetes start?

As you probably know, this health condition is connected with hormone insulin. It happens when your body develops resistance to insulin or when this hormone is produced in very small quantities. When insulin is low, the glucose level in the blood gets higher. And this, in turn, leads to serious health issues, from blindness to kidney and liver failure, limb amputation, and even death.

It’s our pancreas that produces insulin. However, when it comes to type 2 diabetes, the problems starts not in your pancreas, but in your brain. You see, the brain has certain insulin receptors. Normally, they respond when insulin reaches the brain. But when something’s out of order, blood brain barrier doesn’t let the hormone pass and reach the brain.

Now, glucose is the main fuel for the brain, it needs it to function properly. Insulin is needed to help the body, including the brain, absorb glucose properly. So, when insulin resistance happens, glucose level increases, but your body can’t make profits on it.

Like corrosion, excess sugar destroys body tissues. Eyes, kidneys, liver, heart, blood vessels, and the nervous system are especially vulnerable. People with type 2 diabetes have to take prescribed medications to lower sugar and regularly take insulin injections to raise the level of this essential hormone. Besides, they suffer from diabetes-related issues, and their life quality is low.

Mellitox formula

The most popular medication used to help people with this condition is called Metformin. Also, people with diabetes are advised to do sports and eat healthy food with low sugar. But Metformin, just like similar products, has nasty and dangerous side effects, including nausea, headaches, lack of appetite, diarrhea, bloating, etc.

Metformin doesn’t cure diabetes. It only treats the symptom: high glucose level, to be specific. The root cause of the disease is not addressed at all. Besides, exercising, however healthy it may be, is not good for people who take Metformin. Researchers from the University of Alabama found that this combination is not effective. On the contrary: people with sedentary lifestyle who took Metformin showed lower glucose during the research.

That’s why simply taking prescribed meds won’t free you from diabetes. Something more powerful yet safer should be applied to help the sufferers. And Mellitox dietary supplement is claimed to be the solution. It contains natural components that suppress insulin resistance from the inside, thus addressing the root cause of the disease. The product was created by Mr. James Miller from Texas. In his presentation, he confesses that he’s no doctor or scientist. But his determination allowed him to find the solution and help thousands of people in the USA.

How was it created?

The story began when Mr. Miller’s wife was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Her doctor prescribed her Metformin, but her condition only worsened. Besides, she got side effects from the medications. 4 years passed, and one day she collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Doctors said she they would have to amputate her feet to save her life.

Mr. Miller was shocked. He was determined to help his wife and started his own research. He found out the truth about the connection between insulin and blood brain barrier. But he didn’t know how to fix the problem.

One day he met his friend Robert who also had suffered from diabetes. To Mr. Miller’s surprise, Robert said that he was completely cured by then. And he revealed his secret: certain set of natural ingredients that lower blood sugar and restore healthy insulin level. He learned about this treatment when he visited one remote Vietnamese village where no one suffered from diabetes, no matter the age.

James and Robert managed to find a reliable facility and trusted suppliers and started their own manufacturing. The pills they produced helped James’s wife, and few weeks later her sugar was back to normal readings. Two men decided to produce more pills to help all people with this horrible health condition. By now, they’ve helped more than 120,000 sufferers with this revolutionary supplement.

Mellitox ingredients

The components are perfectly organic, and their potency is clinically proven.



This Aurvedic plant has been known for centuries and is widely applied in folk medicine. It helps to manage diabetes as it boosts insulin sensitivity. Also, the herb soothes, prevents depression and anxiety.



As clinical studies confirm, the plant lowers glucose level in the bloodstream and enhances glycemic status. Also, it reduces inflammation and has antioxidant properties.



In China, this beautiful plant is valued almost like ginseng. Skullcap reduces oxidative stress and blood pressure, fights anxiety and stress, lowers glucose and cholesterol in the bloodstream.



This amino acid is a powerful neurotransmitter. It significantly improves brain function, promotes better sleep quality, and reduces pains.

Other ingredients

To boost the potency even more, the producer added such components as:

  • Yarrow flowers;
  • Biotin;
  • Zinc;
  • Vitamin E.

Working in harmony, they give your body natural protection from oxidation, inflammation, and stress, improve metabolism, and help regulate all body functions.

The effects

There’re a lot of positive effects that follow taking this supplement. It:

  • lowers blood glucose level;
  • regulates insulin production;
  • improves insulin sensitivity;
  • enhances blood circulation;
  • manages anxiety and stress;
  • promotes brain function;
  • improves sleep quality;
  • prevents nerve damage;
  • keeps the pancreas healthy;
  • lowers cholesterol.

The best thing about this product is that you may eat whatever you want, as the producer claims. Since your insulin sensitivity is restored, you don’t need to avoid sugar and carbs. You also don’t have to exercise. However, it’s advisable that you keep a healthy lifestyle anyway to protect your overall wellness.

As the manufacturer recommends, it’s preferable to take the supplement for at least 3 months. Even if you notice an improvement earlier, keep taking the pills to support the effect. Also, don’t simply stop taking them if you don’t get the improvement in the first weeks. The effects may take more time to reveal, depending on your case. Taking the supplement is very simple: just consume 2 pills daily after a meal with a glass of water.

Is Mellitox supplement safe?

The product is absolutely safe. The producer pays special attention the quality of the ingredients, combined in the right proportion. The facility where the supplement is produced is FDA registered. Mellitox doesn’t cause side effects and is free from GMO, chemicals, and preservers. Only the gifts of nature are applied in the production, making this product much safer than Metformin.

Still, the manufacturer advises you to talk to your physician beforehand if you suffer from allergies: the supplement contains herbal components that may trigger a reaction. Do the same if you already take prescribed medicines.


The supplement costs almost nothing if compared to what you already pay for your medications and checks. One bottle of it contains 30 capsules and costs $69. To save money order 3 or 6 bottles with the price $59 and $49 per bottle respectively.Mellitox Review and buy

If for whatever reason you don’t like the product, just send it back within 60 days from your purchase, and get money refund. The shipping is free of charge and takes a few days.

Mellitox customer reviews

Elisa F.: “Hi, I’m 54 and 2 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My life turned into a nightmare. My feet ached so much, my vision was blurred, I felt thirsty and tired all the time. Mellitox supplement was a true salvation: I forgot about pains and aches, my anxiety was gone, and even my vision improved. I recommend it!”

Bartholomew B.: “When I started taking this pills, my sugar lowered from 450 to 150 in a few weeks. Now it’s about 115-120. I feel energized and healthy, and I even lost 10 pounds. Mellitox does work, thank you!”


Mellitox formula is your chance to forget about diabetes for good and start living a normal, healthy life again. Its safe and organic components easily penetrate your tissues and promote absorption of healthy nutrients. You may purchase 1, 3 or 6 bottles via the official website and enjoy positive effects of the supplement in a few weeks.

Pr&Co Mellitox


  • diabetes treatment;
  • insulin regulation;
  • overall protection;
  • healthy organic ingredients;
  • reasonable price;
  • money return policy;
  • perfect safety for all users.


  • the product is available only online;
  • it may be sold out any moment, as the demand is rather high.
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