Plant Insulin Reviews: Does It Work?

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Nowadays, more and more people are getting predisposed to type-II diabetes and high glucose content due to unhealthy dieting and inflammatory processes in the organism. The most common signs of sugar disease are extra pounds or significant overweight, dehydration, hunger, and tiredness.

To prevent diabetes and normalize blood sugar, one may take various dietetic aids. But just a few of them will be really effective. Plant Insulin is one of them!

What Is It Exactly?

Plant Insulin is a fully natural dietetic aid that aims at balancing blood sugar content. It’s made of herbal ingredients mainly, and is considered to be a naturopathic product. The supplement suits everyone who has problems with managing blood sugar.

How Does Plant Insulin Work?

Plant Insulin assists in regaining insulin sensibility, making the organism more resistant towards high glucose content. The supplement also balances blood sugar, treats and prevents type-II diabetes. Besides, it increases energy level, improves digestion, and promotes natural weight loss.

The List of Active Components

Plant Insulin is based on herbal components mainly. It doesn’t contain any genetically modified, artificial or chemical products, additives, or harmful agents. This glucose enhancing supplement is a perfect combination of mineral substances, vitamins, and nutrients.

Below, we have listed some key ingredients and their health properties.

Ingredient Name Ingredient Health Properties

Locoweed root extract

Its main health property is lowering high glucose content.


The component offers antiphlogistic and antioxidative qualities, reducing inflammatory state in cells and eliminating toxins from the organism.

Silybum marianum seed extract

This herbal ingredient reduces the risk of type-II diabetes by normalizing blood glucose level.


It reduces signs of aging (like skin pigmentation, wrinkles, and so on), alleviates headaches and pain in the abdominal area.

Chinese magnolia vine extract

This component boosts the immune system and helps the organism to fight inflammation.

Dioscorea villosa root

It lowers glucose content in the blood.

Silkworm mulberry leaf

The plant is well-known for balancing blood sugar. It’s frequently used in diabetes medications.

Apart from potent ingredients, Plant Insulin also contains traces of gelatin, soy, and so on. The full list of components can be found on the product label or at the manufacturer’s official website. Note that some ingredient names (mentioned in the table) are written in Latin or replaced with the synonyms.

Is Plant Insulin Actually Effective?

In accordance with numerous positive reviews and comments, Plant Insulin is more effective than its analogues. The supplement has helped hundreds of customers to solve their blood sugar issues. So, the answer is yes, Plant Insulin is an effectual and powerful formula.

Is It Safe?

As you might have noticed, the supplement admixture is all-organic. All the components are secure to consume. Plant Insulin doesn’t cause any adverse reactions and/or addiction. On top of this, the formula components are checked and approved by the FDA, and blended in the facility that complies with the GMP standards. Therefore, we recommend this glucose balancing product to our readers!

Plant Insulin Possible Side Effects

There are no adverse reactions found and/or reported.

Precautionary Measures

Taking the supplement, customers have to comply with all the guidelines mentioned in the product instruction. Below, we have listed some precautionary measures:

  1. Keep the product away from pets and children’s reach.
  2. Store the supplement in a dry, dark place at room temperature (+10-25°C or 50-77°F).
  3. Self-treatment may pose a hazard to health. Consult with your health care provider before buying any blood sugar products.
  4. Plant Insulin doesn’t suit expectant and/or lactating women as the admixture may be transferred to a child.
  5. If you are an underage, refrain from taking the supplement.
  6. Do not overdose. Stick to the usage instructions unless you are prescribed to take more.
  7. If you are allergic to certain components used in the formula, refrain from taking the supplement.
  8. The product contains traces of gelatin, and may not suit vegans.
  9. If you are taking prescribed medications or other dietetic aids, consult with your health care provider on their interactions with Plant Insulin.

How To Use Plant Insulin?

The recommended dose is two capsules on a day-to-day basis. It’s better to take the pills before midday with a glass of water. Note that one bottle of the dietetic aid contains 60 capsules, it’s a 1-month supply.

The vast majority of the time, customers note positive changes in their blood sugar level in the first few weeks of the Plant Insulin intake. However, for better and more long-lasting results, it’s recommended taking the supplement for 2-3 months at the very least.

Where To Find The Supplement? What’s The Pricing?

Currently, you can order Plant Insulin from the manufacturer’s official website only. The company doesn’t cooperate with third-party sellers and distributing organizations, so be careful not buy a cheap fake.

One bottle of the Plant Insulin supplement costs 69 dollars. There are two more packaging options. You may buy three bottles for 59 dollars each, or six bottles for 49 dollars each. Shipping fee is already included in the total pricing, and usually takes from 3 to 7 working days at maximum. International delivery is charged depending on the region, and may take up to 2 weeks.

On top of this, the manufacturer offers a 6-month full refund guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with the results, you can easily return the product within 180 days upon the delivery date, and get your money back. Be aware that the complaint processing and refund transaction may take up to 3 working days.

Consumers’ Feedback on Plant Insulin

During my second pregnancy, I became a crazy sweet-tooth. I just couldn’t stop eating sweets. As a result, my blood sugar is pretty high, and I’m in risk of getting type-II diabetes. Pure insulin wasn’t an option for me, so after consult ion with my health care provider, I decided on Plant Insulin. And for the first time in a few years, my blood sugar has dropped to 120. And that’s an amazing result, as for me

Sarina Harrison, 43, Arlington, Texas.

Plant Insulin helped me to treat type-II diabetes at early stages. And now, it helps me to manage blood sugar on a daily basis.

Katrina Kouma, 49, Wichita, Kansas.

When I began to feel hunger constantly and gained some weight, my friend said it might be symptoms of high blood sugar level. And she was right. My BSL was about 180 mg/dL at that time. Plant Insulin helped to lower it to 140. Besides, I’ve lost 10 pounds just in a month of the supplement intake. Amazing product! I will definitely order more.

Cheyenne Guest, 48, Dallas, Texas.

I didn’t believe naturopathic products actually work, but Plant Insulin changed my mind. It lowered my glucose content significantly. Also, thanks to it, I feel more energized, sleep well, and have healthy appetite

Haydon Walton, 39, Greensboro, North Carolina.

My blood sugar level has dropped from 210 to 160. It’s still pretty high, but I have 2 more bottles to go

Veronica Buxton, 51, Toledo, Ohio.

There was a delay in the delivery (it took about 17 days instead of 14), but as the support team explained, it was due to the pandemic. So, just keep it in mind ordering Plant Insulin. As for the rest, the supplement is great. It’s cost-effective, safe-to-consume, and works as advertised.

Alexandra Archer, 45, Toronto, Canada.

Plant Insulin is a great product! It lowered my blood sugar by 50 mg/dL. And it was actually more effective than my prescribed medications. Thanks to the manufacturer!

Gurpreet Rich, 54, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Final Thoughts

In our puny opinion, Plant Insulin is a wholly natural formula that actually works in comparison to its analogues. It has helped lots of customers and has a rate of 4.8 out of 5 at most online forums.

Below, we have listed some benefits and disadvantages of the supplement.


  • Plant Insulin assists in regaining insulin sensibility, making the organism more resistant towards high glucose content.
  • The supplement balances blood sugar, treats and prevents type-II diabetes.
  • It increases energy level, improves digestion, and promotes natural weight loss.
  • It provides the organism with essential vitamins, mineral substances and nutrients.
  • The product doesn’t pose a hazard to health.
  • The formula components are checked and approved by the FDA, and blended in the facility that complies with the GMP standards.
  • The Plant Insulin formula is all-natural.
  • There are three packaging options at discounted prices.
  • The manufacturer offers a 6-month full refund guarantee.
  • International shipping is available.


  • Plant Insulin isn’t suitable for expectant/lactating women, underage customers or people who are allergic to one or more components used in the supplement formula.
  • The product contains traces of gelatin, may not suit vegans.
  • You can find the supplement at the manufacturer’s official website only.
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