Better evidence needed on the effectiveness of tailored interventions on self-management type 2 diabetes

A doctor and patient discuss medicines

This systematic review set out to establish whether treatment interventions that systematically tailor care according to an individual patient’s characteristics and objectives are more effective than usual care at influencing self-management behaviour. Clinical question: In type 2 diabetes, do tailored interventions improve self-management? The reviewers also looked at tailored interventions on self-management of hypertension and [read the full story…]

Adult diabetes: beliefs, behaviours and adherence to treatment.

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The authors of this review were interested in what beliefs and behaviours were associated with good adherence to diabetes treatment in adults.  This might help to identify people in need of additional support, for example. They searched for previous studies reporting these characteristics and summarised their results in a qualitative meta-analysis. The types of beliefs [read the full story…]