Moderate physical activity is associated with lower mortality in people with diabetes

Physical exercise is beneficial to everyone, with or without diabetes. But how much actual benefit accrues from it?  A recent paper  measured the association between physical activity and mortality in diabetes. Clinical question: In people with diabetes, does physical activity reduce the risk of premature death? The evidence This paper reports the findings of a [read the full story…]

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Diabetics with chronic kidney disease were less likely to benefit from surgical revascularisation of ulcerated feet.

Diabetic foot ulcer

This observational cohort study looked at whether having chronic kidney disease (CKD) predicts outcome of revascularisation of ulcerated feet in a cohort of patients undergoing treatment at a vascular surgery unit in Finland. Clinical question: In people with diabetes and ulcerated foot, does CKD predict the outcome of surgical revascularisation? The evidence: The researchers collated [read the full story…]