Web-based tools for diabetes need better interactivity

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A systematic review of trials of web-based and computerised tools to help manage diabetes has found mixed evidence of their effectiveness. Clinical question In diabetes care, do computerised tools for patients, carers or clinicians improve psychological, behavioural or clinical outcomes? As well as reviewing the published evaluations, each tool was assessed by experts for its [read the full story…]

Educational multimedia may improve care for people with type 2 diabetes

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Clinical question: In people with type 2 diabetes with low income, does providng educational multimedia, as compared with a printed  educational leaflet, lead to improvements in glycaemic control, self-care or diabetes knowledge? This randomised controlled trial set out to determine whether a multimedia educational package in the doctor’s waiting room could improve outcomes at 3 [read the full story…]

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A team-based telecare package improved cholesterol in diabetes patients.

Picture of a laptop and some tools

New technologies offer the possibility of improving the interaction between patients and the many health professionals that care for them.  One way they can do this is to help patients control risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as blood pressure or cholesterol. This randomised trial looked at whether a team-based care package that include telecare [read the full story…]