ACE inhibitors significantly reduce the risk of diabetic kidney disease


Kidney disease is one of the most serious complications of diabetes.  Reducing its incidence can greatly enhance survival, quality of life and reduce costs of care.  Keeping blood pressure under control is essential to this effort.  NICE guidance recommends ACE inhibitors as a first-line therapy for patients with diabetes and high blood pressure. However, a [read the full story…]

Treating all patients with type 2 diabetes with ACE inhibitors reduces health costs.

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Renal disease is one of the most devastating and costly complications of diabetes.  A recent economic evaluation assessed whether routine use of ACE inhibitors in type 2 diabetes is cost-effective. Clinical question: In type 2 diabetes, are ACE inhibitors cost-effective for preventing renal disease? The study compared three strategies: treat all patients at the time [read the full story…]

Systematic management of diabetic kidney disease may have improved outcomes and reduced costs

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A group of clinicians report their experiences from Birmingham, a large urban and suburban health authority in England, in developing a systematic approach to disease management of diabetic kidney disease. They concluded that systematic disease management in a specialist service significantly improved patient outcomes, increased service productivity and could reduce healthcare costs compared with the [read the full story…]