More evidence needed for ADP-antagonists to prevent CVD in type 2 diabetes

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This Cochrane systematic review looked at whether adenosine-diphosphate (ADP) receptor antagonists such as clopidogrel and ticlopidine,  can prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) in type 2 diabetes mellitus. These drugs have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular outcomes in non-diabetic patients.  However, few studies have looked at the diabetic population.  As people with type 2 [read the full story…]

In diabetes, aspirin may prevent major cardiovascular events

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Aspirin is widely used to prevent cardiovascular events in people with a history of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Many people believe that it may also prevent CVD in people who have no previous history of CVD, so-called “primary prevention”.  However, the evidence is unclear. As diabetes is an important risk factor for CVD, a systematic review [read the full story…]