High-dose atorvastatin did not cause diabetes in low-risk patients with existing cardiovascular disease

Atorvastatin molecule

The Diabetes Elf once overheard a respected senior colleague: “The only treatments that don’t have any side-effects are the ones that don’t work.” So it turned out with statins, which were recently found to have increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  The questions, of course, is “Are the benefits worth the harms?”  In [read the full story…]

Diabetic patients did not benefit from everolimus-eluding stents

A stent

Clinical question: In people with diabetes undergoing angioplasty or percutaneous coronary intervention, do everolimus-eluding stents compared with Paclitaxel-eluding stents, reduce mortality, MI, thrombosis or revascularisation? Stents used to help maintain the structural integrity of coronary arteries can also deliver drugs such as everolimus to prevent rejection or Paclitaxel to prevent blockages building up again.  There [read the full story…]