Oral antidiabetic agents can prevent type 2 diabetes in high risk patients.


This systematic review published in Diabetic Medicine found 20 trials on oral anti-diabetic drugs for the prevention of type 2 diabetes in people at high risk of developing the disease. The review found that thiazolidinediones, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors and biguanides prevented the development of type 2 diabetes, while sulfonylureas did not. The reviewers included MEDLINE, EMBASE [read the full story…]

FDA warns that pioglitazone may increase the risk of bladder cancer recurrence

Diagram of a male bladder

The US Food and Drug Administration reports that use of the diabetes medication pioglitazone for more than one year may be associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer. Pioglitazone (known as Actos in the UK and US) is a thiazolidinedione or glitazone that is used in type 2 diabetes to reduce insulin resistance. Review [read the full story…]