The views of black and ethnic minority patients on self-management of type 2 diabetes

Asian couple

People in black and minority ethnic (BME) groups have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes than the population as a whole and often experience difficulty in managing their condition. A recent systematic review looked at their experiences of self-management of type 2.  This information will be extremely valuable to those running services for BME [read the full story…]

Review: experiences of stigma associated with diabetes

Singled out

People with diabetes often experience stigma in association with the disease.  However, this is an under-researched area compared with stigma associated with other conditions.  Therefore this narrative review is particularly welcome. The review encompasses stigma enacted by others, stigma that is perceived by people with diabetes, and internalized stigma or “self-stigma”. Causes of stigma Often, [read the full story…]

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The impact upon patients’ quality of life of a community-based model of type 2 diabetes care

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Health systems are under pressure to introduce new models of care, particularly less costly ones.  Often this means moving the locus of care into the community, away from specialist centres. But what is the impact on patients?  A new study looks at this question in the context of the UK health service. The study assessed [read the full story…]