Intensive glycaemic control does not reduce mortality in type 2 diabetes

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More isn’t necessarily better.  This seems true in respect of glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes. More intensive control risks additional hypoglycaemia, where less intensive control risks long term complications. An updated Cochrane systematic review looked at the impact of tighter or intensive glycaemic control on overall mortality. Methods The reviewers searched bibliographic databases, the [read the full story…]

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Tight glycaemic control may prevent neuropathy in type 1 but not type 2

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There remains considerable uncertainty around the exact benefits and harms of tighter control of blood sugars.  This Cochrane systematic review looked at the evidence on neuropathy. Clinical question: In diabetes care, does tight glycaemic control prevent neuropathy? “Tight control” was defined as any intervention to enhance glucose control compared with standard care.  The review’s primary [read the full story…]